ASPOC Active Spacecarft Potential Control
CCSDS Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CDDC Chinese DSP Data Center
CDDS Cluster Data Disposition System
CDS CCSDS Day Segmented
CMDH Command History File
CNSA Chinese National Space Agency
CRID Command Request Interface Document
CSSAR Center for Space Science and Applied Research
DDID Data Delivery Interface Document
DOMC Double Star Operantions and Management Center
DSAS Double Star Science Application Subsystem
DSDS Double Star Science Data System
DSOC Double Star Science Operation Center
DSP Double Star Program
EDDC European DSP Data Center
EDDS European Data Dispostion System
EID Experiment Interface Document
EPOS European Playload Operation System
ESA European Space Agency
ESOC European Space Operations Center
ESTEC European Space Research and Technology Center
FGM Fluxgate Magnetometer
GDS Ground Data System
GSM Geocentric Solar Magnetospheric co-ordinate system
HEED High Energy Electron Detector
HEPD High Energy Proton Detector
HIA Hot Ion Analyser
HID Heavy Ion Detector
HKD Housekeeping Data
HPD Housekeeping Parameter Definition
LEID Low Energy Ion Detector
LFEW Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Detector
LTEF Long Term Event File
LTOF Long Term Orbit File
NSD Normal Science Data
OBDH On-board Data Handler
OCC Operations Control Center
PDMS Playload Data Management System
PEACE Plasma Electron and Current Experiment
PI Principal Investigator
SATT Spacecraft Attitude and Spin Rate
SC Spacecraft
STAFF Spatio Temporal Analysis of Field Fluctuations
STEF Short Term Event File
STOF Short Term Orbit File